She's just like candy, but don't have too much

Face: Negotiation Specialist

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 123 lbs
Skin: Fair
Hair: Bubblegum Pink
Eyes: Cybernetic (Blue)


Body: 4
Quickness: 6 (8)
Strength: 3 (5)
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 4
Reaction: 6 (10)
Initiative: 6+1d6 (10+3d6)


Combat: 9

Active Skills

Assault Rifles (AK-98): 5/7
Pistols (Remington Roomsweeper): 5/7
Athletics (Running): 2/4
Stealth (Alertness): 4/6
Etiquette: 6
Negotiation (Con): 5/7
Performance (Dancing): 5/7
Biotech (First Aid): 4/6
Demolitions (Plastic Explosives): 4/6
Bike (Nissan Stallion): 1/3

Knowledge Skills

Shadowrunning (Business Negotiation): 3/5
Gangs: 4
Organized Crime: 4
Megacorps 4
Media Industry: 4
Medicine: 4
History (20th Century): 3/5
Culinary Arts (Home Cooking): 1/3

Language Skills

English: 4
English R/W: 2
Japanese: 3
Japanese R/W: 1
Salish: 2
Salish R/W: 1

Sugar’s Loft
Area: Mill Creek, Everette
LTG#: 3206 (17-4522)
Owner: Tish McMillian and Lilah Dane
Racial Bias: None

Sugar’s apartment was originally rented by Lilah as a replacement for their families manor when their parents died. Lilah was concerned about undertaking such a huge financial obligation as maintaining their families former holdings, and more importantly she wanted to lower their public profile, while still offering Sugar most of the comforts she was used to.


Situated on the well groomed streets of Mill Creek, Everette, the building offers spacious floor plans with green living alternatives for the environmentally conscientious. One of the nicest complexes in the area, the 12 lower levels of the building are a shopping center, with numerous boutiques, restaurants and even a small theater. A grocery store also occupies the lowest level, which is where the majority of the food the residents buy comes from. Sugar’s apartment is of the green variety, with three bedrooms and a large indoor hydroponics lab that produces fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.

The house is kept neat by a small fleet of cleaning drones, nestled into various compartments throughout the home. Twice a week, a maid comes in to clean as well, and reprogram any needed changes to the robotic assistants. This is offered as part of the complexes housekeeping services, and is available to all the residents at an additional contract fee. A gardener is also brought in through them, who comes in every other day for several hours to maintain the victory garden and harvest any ripe produce.

The living area is not massively spacious, but has enough room to comfortably seat 6-8 guests around the large sofas, and has a glass divider between it and the dining area. A large entertainment center is set into the wall, which offers access to trideo, simsense or just simple audio.


The dining room is set in the same monochromatic decor as the rest of the living room, and contains a bar set into the far wall inside a frosted glass cabinet. The selection is always fully stocked by the staff of the building, who are also responsible for organizing the grocery service that delivers food to the residents, organized via an application built into the refridgerator. A single window looks out from this room, which can be shuttered with a voice command. The furniture in both rooms is designer quality with a nod towards a futuristic minimalist style, eliminating most of the clutter one might find in other homes.


The kitchen continues the sleek, futuristic look of the entire apartment, adding in the convenience of smart appliances that take the majority of the guesswork out of cooking. Voice commands operate almost everything in this room, though they can be input manually as well for the less technologically inclined. The refrigerator keeps track of the foods you eat and monitors your supply of them, alerting the staff when items are running low so that groceries can be procured for you. Special requests can also be made through it at any time, and products are generally delivered within an hour of ordering.


Even the bathrooms are futuristic in design, and the apartment boasts three of them, one off of each of the girls rooms, and a third for guests. Voice commands can be used in here as well, to adjust water temperature to a certain degree, play music or news, and order cosmetics and other personal hygiene items from any of the shops beneath the complex.


Lilah, has the master bedroom, which is almost its own apartment unto itself. With an office area, lounge and a bed practically sitting on a pedestal, she spent the majority of her time in her doing the legwork required for her job, out of sight of her younger sister. Though she often brought her containts home with her, she would frequently entertain them there for the additional privacy of her more clandestine practices, while still treating them to the elegance of her home. This room is equipped with its own small entertainment center as well, which currently has a great many film noir movies loaded onto it – Lilah’s personal favorite genre.


Sugar’s room on the other hand, while sophisticated at its core, could not resist the unique style of its occupant; who has made some changes to it over the years. An elegant twist on a teen girls room, it faces east and catches any morning sun that comes streaming through the crystal clear windows – cleaned regularly of course to resist the tarnish of acid rain. Obviously much smaller than her sister’s private room, Sugar doesn’t often bring guests into it unless she plans to entertain them… personally.


Formerly for guests, the final bedroom of Sugar’s house has been converted into a workroom for Angel, accommodating both computers and electronic equipment on respective sides of it. The door to the room comes with a static shield, which is a small invisible barrier designed to keep unwanted electrical charges or particles from coming in. Angel has a small cot set up in the corner of the room for when he pulls long nights and doesn’t go to bed in the wee hours of the morning.


The final area of the apartment is the hydroponics lab, which is separated from the kitchen by two sliding glass and chrome doors. Within the lab are numerous types of vegetables, fruits and tubers, ranging in size from small budding herbs to full blown trees with bananas and oranges. An irrigation system keeps the plants hydrated based on their individual needs, and a digital readout is available on a screen at each planting station to indicate soil composition, hydration, humidity, and any other factors that might effect the growth in the futuristic garden.




Bonus Attribute – Charisma (2)
Exceptional Attribute – Charisma (2)
Good Looking and Knows It (1)
Voice (2)
Good Reputation Lev 2 (2)
Wealth Lvl 4 (4)


Allergy (Common & Mild) – Shellfish (3)
Compulsion (Moderate) – Alcohol (
Day Job (20 hrs per week) – Stripper (2)
Distinctive Style – Lolita Punk (
Hunted Lvl 2 – Lillah’s Ex Partner (4)
Hunted Lvl 3 – Evil Ex Boyfriend (


Wired Reflexes 2
Muscle Replacement 2
Data Jack
Cyber Eyes
Cosmetic Eyes (Normal looking)
Flare Compensators
Image Link
Low Light Vision
Thermographic Vision
Vision Magnification (3)


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