Street Doc


Race: Human
Age: 52
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 174 lbs
Archetype: Street Doc
Area: Auburn

Spyder operates a small, clandestine clinic meant to service those who don’t have the means to afford a real hospital or the credentials to get into one. Despite his under the table policy, his skills are second to none. Clearly incredibly well educated, he prides himself on his work ethic and often makes payment plans with patients and tries to help people, even when he really shouldn’t, if they genuinely need the help. He operates his clinic with the assistance of two nurses and a cybersurgeon named Chrome, a young man straight out of medschool, but his specialized talents come in handy in this day and age of new technology (something which Spyder complains about frequently).

Though Spyder wears a wedding ring, he never speaks of any kind of family nor are they ever seen at or around the clinic. Anyone who asks gets an earfull about the merits of privacy, which is something Spyder takes very seriously, and that if he wanted a life of digging into personal business, he would have been a shrink, not a surgeon.

Spyder doesn’t work for anyone but himself, and he’s been known to stare down some pretty tough characters in his day for being a rather mundane, middle aged man. Some people suspect he might be ex-military or alphabet soup for UCAS, but he doesn’t share and most know better than to ask.

Spyder has an impressive success record, and knows quite a bit about anything medically related. He doesn’t have an extensive network of legitimate contacts, however he does know an awful lot about medical facilities, what to look for, what to steal, what to avoid, and who to trust.

Since he runs a clinic on the downlow, sometimes his services can be paid for in trade – especially if you’re criminally inclined, because supplies run short quickly for the less fortunate and hospitals always have more than they need.

The Clinic
Area: Black Diamond, Auburn
LTG#: 1206 (48-5101)
Owner: Unknown
Racial Bias: None


The clinic has no advertisement, and currently operates out of the basement of a pool hall. The only indication of where the clinic happens to be is by word of mouth, or finding the tell-tale spider graffiti on the walls of a building. Luckily Spyder has been allowed to remain undetected for about 3 years in his current location and hasn’t needed to uproot his practice – yet.

Right now there is one operating suit, and five small recovery rooms. He keeps two nurses on staff, known simply as Betty and Sue, and Chrome is his current protege and assistant with a fresh degree from the University of Washington in cybernetics who lost his position in his residency for breaking legal regulations for the sake of his patient – qualities that Spyder admired.




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