Ganger (Trogs)


Race: Troll
Age: 23
Height: 12’2"
Weight: 2379 lbs
Archetype: Ganger
Area: Ork Underground

Sledge is not a complicated man, and uses his incredible strength, even for a troll, as his marketable skill in the world. He’s been in the ork underground for about about a decade from when he started to goblinize, and when he started it hit him hard. Originally from a fairly affluent family, he was formerly on the road to a successful and bright future, attending private school and trying to find a pretty girlfriend. All that changed in a flash though, and the only one in his life who tried to remain his friend was tutor in school, the woman who would eventually become known as Lilah Dane.

For going into the Ork Underground, there’s little better protection than Sledge who is both feared and respected in the community, though Sledge is smart enough to know it’s not a good idea to bring a large number of outsiders down at once. Usually he meets them neutral zone between the two areas, a bar called the Rusty Buffalo that is just outside one of the entrances to the Underground.

From his extensive time there, Sledge knows how to find people in the Underground, especially the criminal elements. Formerly he was simply hired muscle, but he’s had a drug problem for many years and now it looks like he’s fallen in with the Trogs, which have turned his strength into a violent direction.

The Rusty Buffalo
Area: Central Downtown
LTG#: 2206 (10-8515)
Owner: Norman Powell
Racial Bias: Elves and Dwarves


Calling the Buffalo a restaurant might be a stretch, as its more a bar that also happens to serve food – mostly oily burgers and steak fries. Mostly it’s just a place for the less beautiful of Seattle to mingle with the citizens upstairs, grab a drink and watch a match on tv.

Orks and Trolls are always welcome, as are humans that don’t have a better than thou attitude or are pretending to slum it. The ork who runs the place still has a grudge against Dwarves from back in the twenties, and elves are so often too damn good for his kind so he doesn’t like to let them into the bar if he can help it, and definitely makes this known by the large sign over the bar that reads “We Don’t Serve Dandelions Here.”

For the most part it works as a meet-up for orks and trolls who are meeting people from the surface as it is right next to an entrance to the Underground (and not one of the safe ones). Though the bartender might be a intolerant son of a bitch, if you slip him an extra big tip sometimes he can point you in the right direction of people you want to get in touch with downstairs – if you can find the muscle to take you there.


The Ork Burger… the only thing worth eating on the menu.


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