Ronnie "Fat Man" Freido

Mafia Lieutenant


Race: Human
Age: 59
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Archetype: Mafia Lieutenant
Area: Everette

“I believe that respect is everything, because with it you can do anything.”

Ronnie’s street moniker actually has nothing to do with his body type, but rather that he is the owner of the “Fat Man Bistro”, which is a family restaurant serving Italian style food. The place uses all real ingredients so it’s more swank than average in this day and age, but is made to look like a throw back the old eateries that Ronnie saw in his neighborhoods growing up.

The restaurant is though, more nefariously, a front for money laundering, and has a spacious basement and meat locker for clandestine after hours business. Most of the staff are actually low level mob goons who are on guard duty or are trying to earn their place in the family. Ronnie conducts most of his business here, inviting his potential employees and clients to sit down for a meal with him – in part so he can gauge their manners.

Manners and respect are hugely important to him, and rudeness is not tolerated, though in an effort to seem more gentlemanly, he does sometimes offer a warning. Freido sees himself as a gentleman and a scholar and appreciates similar qualities in others. His main interests outside of his business are classical art, wine and automatic weapons.

Freido’s areas of knowledge concern the mafia first and foremost, which obviously he is very familiar with. Of course, he won’t be telling anyone anything that could possibly hurt the mafia, but he does like being kept in the loop when people plan to do business in his backyard, and will return the courtesy of informing people if “business” is being conducted in a certain area, and for the right incentive, can be convinced to have his people be occupied in other affairs while outside work is being done.

He is familiar with the activities of other organized crime syndicates around his area off hand, and knows the people to talk to find out more about syndicate movements elsewhere, but it can take him a couple days because his boys have to make all the stops to get it. He is usually keenly happy to give up information on the Yakuza because they killed his daughter in a shoot out about a year back in a vie for power in his home turf in Everette.

He also has knowledge of local gangs, just to ensure they don’t get uppity, and again knows who to call in other areas, but it may take a few days to go through the right channels. He doesn’t think much of gangs however, other than nuisances and “disrespectful hooligans with no respect for a civilized way of life” and is generally leery of helping with anything gang related unless it involves snuffing some (or preferably all) of them.

Payment to Freido is usually rendered in “favors”, which are collected either at the time the information is asked for or at a later date of his choosing. In the past, these have ranged from delivering a package to someone across town, to beating up some schmuck late on his loans, to providing additional security at his niece’s wedding.

The Fat Man Bistro
Area: Darlington, Everette
LTG#: 3206 (96-4342)
Owner: Ronnie Freido
Racial Bias: None


The Fat Man caters to a larger clientele than most restaurants of its standard, with a more family-like atmosphere than most. The eating area is L shaped with a considerable kitchen occupying the rest of the square structure. At the back end near the wall is a small bar with maybe eight stools in front of it and a couple high tables for patrons who aren’t interested in food so much as atmosphere. Tables are set up along the windows (bulletproof of course), and along the walls there are booths with arbors and trellises over them with living grapes growing up and over them. Patrons are encouraged to eat from these if they’d like, especially kids.

The owner’s love of art is quite apparent in the replicas of several classic pieces scattered throughout the restaurant, including a very naked lady situated behind the small bar in lieu of a mirror. “The last thing a drunk man needs to see is a reflection of himself, otherwise he’ll just keep drinking.” Freido always says when questioned about it. “This, this is nice to look at.”

The place prides itself on using all real ingredients and ships in wine from Europe, particularly Italy, to serve with its meals. Freido is always happy to assist with wine selection, since it is one of his greatest interests, and loves showing off his better vintages. He always picks wine based on the person, not the dish, and if he doesn’t pick a wine for you, that’s generally a sign he doesn’t find you classy enough or that he doesn’t like you.


Mozarella Caprese
Mussels Marina
Shrimp Scampi
Stuffed Mushrooms


Soups and Salads:
Roma Salad with Chicken
Caesar Salad with Chicken


Pasta Dishes:
Spaghetti Marinara
Pasta Bolagnaise
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
Vodka Linguine with Shrimp
Spinach Ravioli
Marinara Manicotti
Five Sausage Lasagna


Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Cacciatore
Veal Pizzaiola


New York Style Cheesecake


Nero d’Avola



Ronnie "Fat Man" Freido

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