"Red Raven"



Race: Elf
Age: 29
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 155 lbs
Archetype: Talismonger
Area: Bellvue

A member of the Salish nation who moved to Seattle and has been selling magical items and knowledge for almost seven years now. Her small shop looks to be little more than a tourist attraction from the outside, full of herbs, twigs and trinkets, but if you know the right people or ask for the right thing, she may just let you into the back of her establishment.

Somewhat secretive, and a little crazy, she “talks to the spirits” to see into people and seems to do an eerily good job at it too to the mundane eye. Of course, any magic user can easily see through this as a ruse meant to unnerve the non-gifted, but hey – that’s the business.

Red Raven has areas of knowledge involving magical items as well as knowing numerous mages and shamans who use her services and acts as a sort of information funnel between people of the magical world. To facilitate this she offers “consulting services”, which can be negotiated for a monetary price, as she is keen on keeping her business as legitimate as possible to the discerning eye.

Raven’s Tooth Magic Emporium
Area: New Castle, Bellvue
LTG#: 9206 (92-8234)
Owner: Nancy Littlewater a.k.a. “Red Raven”
Racial Bias: None


A little shop set into the first floor of a small shopping center, it seems like just a basic tourist trap and novelty shop from the outside, with a glowering totem pole set into the concrete – topped with a screeching raven.

The front part consists of crystals and gems, benign herbs, stone idols of deities, incense and literature on virtually every religion or occult subject imaginable (though nothing that could get anyone into too much trouble). It is meant to look more archaic then the building actually is, with a stonework appearance and candle chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The whole area smells strongly of sage and sandlewood incense.


The true shop is in the back behind a locked door and beaded curtain, a strong warnings of “Employees Only” stamped on the wooden door. Ancient relics, shamanic secrets and paranormal creatures prowl the back rooms to protect it, and if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, chances are that she can find it.

The shop is actually quite a bit larger than it appears, with numerous back rooms dedicated to her true business, a hermetic circle and a warded “panic room” that can be used as a magical saferoom or lockbox – whatever happens to be needed.



"Red Raven"

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