Precious "Mawma" Morgan

Owner of Club Euphoria


Race: Ork
Age: 24
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 209 lbs
Archetype: Club Owner
Area: Downtown

“I work hard to mold my babies into what they need to be. Every single one is an investment, so don’t you be thinkin’ about layin’ them low, then you best think twice, because Mawma gonna f*#k you up, an’ Mawma bites.”

Mawma, though she may come across as uncouth, is actually an incredibly shrewd business woman who worked herself up from nothing to owning one of the most popular joints in town. She is careful to never get indentured to any single organization, but handsomely pays Knight Errant to watch her club, along with some private security of her own choosing.

Some rumors abound that Mawma used to be a ganger, others say she was a runner who scored big and retired, but no one knows for sure and she likes it that way. She used to have a man who helped her run things, but he dropped out of the picture a few years back and no one’s heard from him since.

Mawma has no patience for trouble-makers, but allows every race to partake in the pleasures of her club. All of Mawma’s workers are SINless, allowing her to pay them less, while still allowing them to work in an environment where they receive decent wages, tight security and a form of glamour otherwise not afforded to them. Of course, in order to look completely legitimate, Mawma pays for the most credible forgeries money can buy – the downside to that is that the dancers are expected to perform any extra work Mawma might ask to keep their new identity from falling to pieces. It seems like a great way to start a new life, but the cost of each dancers contract is 50,000 nuyen. Most just end up hoping that some rich executive will fall in love with them and buy it from Mawma… but often they just end up working there until they’re not wanted on the dance floor anymore, at which point they’re usually forced into prostitution through some of Mawma’s less reputable establishments.

Mawma’s areas of knowledge pertain to the entertainment scene mostly – she knows what clubs are big, their themes, their managers (especially if they’re competition for her). She’s also fairly familiar with music, DJ’s, bands and any service industries that cater to clubs like hers (like liquor companies, food service, cleaning, etc). She also has some knowledge of local gangs and syndicates, just to remain educated on the politics and how to keep herself out of it. She also has a foot in the door of the media industry, especially adult entertainment, as she already has some exclusive content just for her clubs and is hoping to branch out into high class erotic films.

Club Euphoria
Area: Central Downtown
LTG#: 2206 (81-2654)
Owner: Precious Morgan
Racial Bias: None


Club Euphoria is a premiere gentlemen’s club which provides dancers of every shape, size and gender you could possibly want, with private shows available upon request and extra payment. Situated right in the heart of the Seattle Downtown on the top floor of a 113 story skyscraper, it attracts business from a worldwide clientele and prides itself on a tremendous level of discretion with those who visit it.

Though not an private club, it certainly is selective of those allowed in, expecting a certain level of wealth and class from its patrons – as in you need to dress the part to get in and be able to cover the 100 nuyen door charge. The majority of its patrons are middle class or higher businessmen and women who want somewhere exotic and erotic to unwind from the stress of their normal lives. Mostly these individuals will remain on the first floor where the dance floor and bar is located, but no matter where they are, they are ever just barely in sight of the dancers that move to the pounding beat above them – tempting them to come up and play with them.


Above the bar is an array of monitors, each displaying a different dancer. Stage names only are given, as are prices for private events. If you wish to ascend to the second level of Euphoria, you have to dole out an additional 200 nuyen to the bartender and you receive a special bracelet with a chip inside so that you can come and go as you please. If the bracelet is broken it no longer functions and breaking it is the only way to get it off (a pair of scissors or a strong hand suffice for that), mainly for the purpose that they don’t want people trying to steal them.

Once you have ascended to the next level you enter a more lounge-like area where girls dance within shimmering glass tubes, all achingly beautiful and beckoning you closer. For an additional 300 nuyen you can order a privet room on this level to discuss business or watch any of the exclusive erotic simsense films that have been made specifically for the establishment.


The final indulgence is an additional 1000 nuyen an hour you can have a private dancer entertain you and your friends, though Mawma maintains a strict no touching policy (unless you pay extra for that), and the rooms are monitored to ensure that the clients behave. Off the menu items, like what were mentioned above, are available if the dancer informs the client or if they’re favored clientele of Mawma’s who know they can request it.


Euphoria isn’t just about sex though – it also is meant to be enjoyable for those just looking for a good time and a better view. They serve a number of custom cocktails, not surprisingly inspired by their more popular dancers.

Creamy Dreams


Berry Bomb


Everything Nice


Saigon Sunrise


Twisted Sister



Precious "Mawma" Morgan

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