Katherine "Kitty" Cross

King's Crimson Ganger


Race: Elf
Age: 24
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Archetype: Ganger
Area: Downtown

Kitty is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she’s well aware of that limitation. She’s also aware that she can leave most men speechless without doing much more than unzipping her top a little. As such, Kitty has survived most of her adult life using her good looks to take men for as much as their worth.

Currently she’s got her hooks in a fellow from the King’s Crimson Gang. Unlike most of her past boyfriends he’s not downright terrible to her and wants her beau to succeed in his life of crime, which is why she’s kept Sugar on her call list even after Lilah, her more long-term contact, went missing.

Kitty is a bit greedy and more than a little vain, but she’s not a terrible person and does actually like her boyfriend. The best ways to secure her cooperation are with money or expensive gifts (or at least gifts that look expensive).

She isn’t exactly a fountain of knowledge, but she does have some ideas about what’s going on with the King’s Crimson and anything directly associated to that. She also has some loose connections to the Mafia from what she calls her “growin’ up days” and has a couple of favors to cash in if she absolutely needs to.

9th Circle Nightclub
Area: Riverton, North Downtown
LTG #: 2206 (25-6587)
Owner: Carlos Sanchez
Racial Bias: Orcs, Trolls


The 9th Circle is not a high end nightclub, but it’s not squalid either. It draws a sizable crowd even on its off nights and is a prime location for the exchange of vices – whether trading in flesh, drugs or even more illicit services.

The nightclub itself is centered around the concept of the nine circles of hell, with black decorations, adornments of chains, whips and other implements of medieval torture fastened to the walls. Scenes from campy satanic ritual sims and vids play on its plethoras of monitors, while flashing red lights and smoke machines add to the ambiance of an old house of horrors.

The King’s Crimson are known to conduct some business here, though the nightclub is hardly theirs, but it suits some of their members well and provides a nice dive where they can scare up some hookers or sell off drugs. Kitty Cross, a current member of the gang, and her boyfriend, often frequent the club; at least once a week, if not more.

Several raids have been performed on the premises by Lone Star, but the patrons scatter like roaches and to date nothing has kept the club closed for to long. Lone Star does sometimes keep tabs on the place, but most of the crimes taking place are vice and a problem for the SPD to deal with.

Though no race is expressly forbidden from entering, the owner has a tendency to want to populate his establishment with “beautiful people” so good luck getting in unless you’re with someone who sizzles.



Katherine "Kitty" Cross

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