Angelica "Jelibyte" Fields



Race: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5’4
Weight: 100 lbs
Archetype: Decker
Area: Matrix /

Angelica Fields, aka “Jellibyte” or even just “Jelly”, is bright, inquisitive and incredibly good natured, though she is not afraid to call it like she’s see it.

She was part of Sugar’s first running team, made up of all girls. Jelly and Sugar bonded slightly, in that they were the only two who weren’t typical female “twats” as they so eloquently put it. They didn’t share many runs together, neither of them able to put up with the other girls on their team for long.

They stay in touch now, partly through a sense camaraderie, and partly through Sugar’s growing list of contacts… Making her almost a Fixer for Jelly.

Dot Com
Area: Central Downtown
LTG#: 2206 (10-7835)
Owner: Kat Blackburn
Racial Bias: None, though prominently touted towards Deckers



“Jellibyte” as she is called in the Matrix, uses a jelly-girl as her image. She is pretty drekin good at what she does. But Specter is a whole smeg load better. She pretty much thinks Specter hung the moon, it just so happens. Angel though? He’s a bit of a tool, far as she’s concerned, and Sugar could do a whole lot better.

Angelica "Jelibyte" Fields

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